Our kilt jackets are crafted with the finest materials and tailored to fit you perfectly. Whether you're looking for a stylish addition to your wardrobe or a functional piece for outdoor events, we have got you covered


Even though Kilts began as a style of dress reserved only for men, they have evolved to include women's fashions over the years as well. At Scottish Kilt Shop,


we offer a diverse selection of kilts for women that are designed to its every bit as liberating and comfortable as they are stylish. Regardless of the type of kilt you are interested in wearing


We offer you a huge variety of kilt accessories that will help you accessorize to the fullest


Our kilt jackets are made from the best materials and are expertly cut to fit you. We offer what you need, whether you're searching for a fashionable piece to add to your wardrobe or a useful accessory for outdoor activities.

Master Kilt Your Sewing Master

The first Scottish kilts appeared in the 16th century and were originally worn for practical reasons. Kilts were formerly almost exclusively used by troops due to their heavy wool, lengthy lengths, and open bodies, which provided warmth and easy mobility. Back then, there were no kilt factories, so each one was meticulously created by hand with pride.

They became to be worn by everyone as they evolved into a representation of Scotland's history and culture.In recent years, manufactured kilts that have lost their richness and quality have replaced those made according to a long-standing tradition and art. Machines are continually producing generic fashions, and they use low-quality materials that don't appear or feel authentic.

That is unacceptable in our opinion at Scottish Kilt. We think that Scots should be proud of their heritage, and that includes being proud of their traditional Scottish attire by donning kilts of the highest quality that both honor and reflect that heritage. We recreate the kilt-making process in its original form by handcrafting each one from premium materials that you'll be proud to own.

Our Beliefs

In addition to our strong opinions on kilt wearing and production, we think it's important to own a genuine Scottish kilt. Whether you are sporting a full kilt dress or are simply heading out for the day, every proud Scot deserves a kilt they will feel proud to wear. By handcrafting each kilt, as is our policy, we provide high-quality kilts that look fantastic and feel even better. We work hard to make kilts that will not only live up to your expectations of them but also beyond them.

Made to Measure

Not only in terms of how it appears but also in terms of how it fits, we want you to like everything about your kilt.

To ensure a flawless fit as soon as you take the kilt out of the box, we build each one, especially to your specifications. Simply provide your waist, hip, preferred kilt length, and fell measurements when placing your purchase, and we will start creating your kilt based on those measurements.


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