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Different Scottish Tartans: Old, New, Muted, Weathered!

The choice of an appropriate tartan is one of the inquiries that I frequently receive. Because there are over 1500+ tartan variants available when buying a kilt, the decision-making process can be fairly difficult. Even if a buyer has a particular clan and wants the tartan that corresponds to that clan, there are frequently several different versions of that tartan available. Choosing a tartan is a personal choice that takes into account each person’s preferences, whether they lean more towards traditional or contemporary styles.

Consider the Fraser Tartan as another sample of the numerous tartan varieties that frequently result in endless confusion. There are a large number of clans in Scotland, and each clan can

So, why does it become difficult to understand the query?

The Differences Between Clan Tartans!
Okay, so let’s just say that you might have noticed that the same clan frequently has multiple Scotch tartans from different mills. Consider the Macdonald Tartan as an illustration. While out hunting, you might run into MacDonald Ancient, MacDonald Modern, MacDonald Muted, and MacDonald Weathered. What does it all imply, though? Do they all come from various clans? Why is it the case?
The explanation is that it has nothing directly to do with clans. The sequence of colors and tartan threads employed in the weaving are referred to as the tartan’s “thread count,” which serves as a definition of the tartan itself. The differences

While modern tartans have brighter colors, ancient tartans have lighter, fading colors. Weathered tartans have an aged appearance, whereas muted tartans have more muted or earthy tones. Therefore, even though a clan may have several tartan variations, they all have the same number of threads. Different styles, including MacDonald Ancient, MacDonald Modern, MacDonald Muted, and MacDonald Weathered, result from changes in the colors employed.

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